Broccoli Splats and Houmous (Serves 1)

A quick and easy Vitamin K Booster.  Unfortunately the houmous boosts your calorie intake too but just yummy.  My daughter loves it as a snack.  The part of the broccoli so many people throw out, we love our Broccoli Splats.  You can eat them raw or cooked, we enjoy both.

Values per serving

Vitamin K (mcg)            49.3

Protein (g)                     7.87

Calories (kcal)               315

Fat (g)                           26.85

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To make you will need

1 Broccoli stem, sliced into splats

100g Houmous (1/3 tub)


  • Slice the broccoli stem into splats
  • Put 100g houmous in a ramekin dish
  • Dip splats into the houmous and enjoy