Welcome to Eat On Warfarin

cath atkin

Eat On Warfarin has been set up by Cath Atkin to offer support and inspiration to Warfarin users and their friends, relatives and carers.

Having suffered a stroke at the age of 41, Cath Atkin was told that she would be on Warfarin for life.

Shocked by what had happened, but determined not to let it beat her, Cath started searching for answers to the many questions she had. She hoped to find straightforward information about being on Warfarin, and perhaps a support network, but instead struggled to make sense of the limited information she could find.

As her recovery progressed Cath had particular difficulty in achieving a stable INR. Maintaining a healthy diet had always played an important part in Cath’s life. However, once on Warfarin, she struggled with interactions between her diet and her warfarin therapy and found losing weight a particular challenge.  Again her quest for answers produced little in the way of helpful results.

Frustrated by the lack of support and shortage of easy to understand material available to Warfarin users, Cath vowed that as soon as she was well enough she would find the answers to all her questions and diet dilemmas and then make this information available to others.

Her dream was to provide the kind of resource that she had hoped to be able to find when she first started taking warfarin – down-to-earth information and support in a range of formats including books, website and online forums – that would have guided her on the path to recovery, and beyond.

And so, Eat On Warfarin was created!

Combining Cath’s experiences and research with factual information, presented in easy to understand language, Eat On Warfarin is the place to come if you want to,

  • learn more about Warfarin
  • find tools to help you manage your Warfarin therapy
  • meet other ‘Warfarinites’ - find out what has worked for them and what hasn’t!
  • tell your own story - an easy way to record your progress, challenges and successes
  • understand about Warfarin’s interactions and dietary considerations
  • find ‘warfarin friendly’ recipes and meal ideas
  • and discover what you can ……. Eat On Warfarin!