Affirmation Audios

Why use affirmation audios? During recovery from illness it can be hard to focus on anything apart from being unwell and difficult to stop negative thoughts from forming.  Our thoughts reflect our behaviours, and our behaviours can manifest whatever our thoughts are, so it is vital to recovery that we try and think positively.  These affirmation audios repeat positive thoughts to help you change your thinking patterns.  Played in the background, your subconscious will absorb these thoughts and reroute your mind.  Listen to them often, perhaps repeating particular affirmations that apply to you.  Play these in the car, with headphones when working or as a background when cooking that fabulous meal you are going to make for dinner tonight!

Top Tip – just when you are at your lowest, feeling swamped and unable to take anything in, is actually one of the best times to pop these affirmations on and allow your subconscious to absorb their meaning!

Note from Cath – after my stroke I felt exhausted by everything and struggled to bring positivity into my life.  I wrote down all the negative thoughts that were filling my brain and decided to flip them into positives.  These positive thoughts formed the basis of some audios that I put together which I listened to constantly to help me change my thinking patterns.  Soon my thinking became more solution focussed and I rarely had any negative thoughts.  These audios helped me greatly during my recovery and I continue to use them to support healthy and positive thoughts.  While some of the affirmations relate specifically to the issues I have experienced most of the content will benefit anyone trying to put a positive spin on their health or recovery.

Blood Health Affirmation

This audio contains positive affirmations about the functions of your blood and blood vessels. It will speak to your subconscious to reaffirm that your blood is healthy and your circulatory system is working as it should be

Stroke Recovery Affirmation

For anyone who has experienced a stroke this audio is designed to help your subconscious heal the damaged areas of your brain. The positive affirmations are intended to get your processing functions working, your motor neurons rebuilt and to help regenerate cells to support and improve your energy levels.

Health Recovery Affirmation

This audio is aimed at helping your subconscious to start healing itself and aiding your recovery. It contains positive affirmations to relax you and help your cells regenerate.  It encourages your subconscious to work with your medication to improve your health.

MP4 Videos

A collection of short films made by Cath.

Cath has recorded this series of videos, including parts of her own story, in an attempt to educate about strokes and improve awareness around stroke recognition.

Note from Cath – my videos are not professionally produced but I hope you will enjoy watching them all the same.  If you liked the act FAST stroke campaign, please share my FASTER video and help save someone's life!

Welcome to Eat On Warfarin

In this short film Cath welcomes you to Eat On Warfarin and introduces you to the series of videos which she has created to share her experiences and research into Warfarin.

My Stroke Event

Cath tells the story of the 10 minutes surrounding the stroke event that changed her life

Discovering I'd Had a Stroke

Cath continues the story of the events that took place on the day she had her stroke.

FASTER Campaign

If you are young and healthy watching this video may save your life!

Cath explains that although they had seen the Act FAST stroke campaign neither she, nor her friend, recognised that she was having a stroke.  Cath was fortunate and has suffered no permanent damage but not everyone is as lucky.  The key to preventing long term damage is to recognise the signs of stroke and get the person to hospital quickly.

Watch this and learn about the FASTER way to identify when a stroke is happening.

Recognising Arm Weakness in Stroke

Cath talks about the arm weakness she suffered as a result of her stroke and how she initially failed to recognise this as a serious problem.  It is quite common for arm weakness associated with a stroke to be fairly subtle and it can easily be overlooked.