Understand Me Range

Our Understand Me Range of T-Shirts help you to say, what you want to say, without you having to say it!!!   Perfect for days when you need a bit more understanding, but don’t have the confidence or energy to say why.

When we are unwell, or in recovery, we shouldn’t have to explain to others that we need extra time or want a bit more understanding.   Yet, when I was in recovery, I found myself doing just that.  I didn’t really want to keep repeating my story.  It almost felt like I was reliving the event over and over.  At that point in my recovery I had lost a lot of confidence and I just needed people to be a bit gentler with me.

The T-Shirts in the Understand Me Range are designed to help with this problem, by asking for that understanding for you.   Other have been designed for the Warriors and Wizards among us who have survived and want to share the message that they are the stronger for it.

I hope you find something within this range that says what you want to say.  If you would like a T-Shirt with a different message, why not let us know.  If we think others would enjoy wearing it too, we may create your very own version!

Best wishes and keep well.

Cath x

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