Inspirational Stories

Read the inspirational stories that some of our Warfarin users, or their friends, family and carers, have agreed to share. We hope you will find these an inspiration and remind you that you are not alone.

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Linda’s Story: I thought I was going mad!

I was 44 when I went in for an op, but when I came round I kept on falling over. Then after coming out of hospital I struggled. In the morning I would wake and feel ok, but by the evening I would start to list and fall over. This went on for over a year until my...

Dawn’s Story:

I am a Primary APS sufferer with mostly arterial clotting and I have to inject Clexane twice daily. I am 50 years old now and was diagnosed at 47. I have had 5 pulmonary emboli and a clot in the sub clavian artery. I then had a major clotting episode, whilst injecting...