Supporting Warfarin Users to eat healthily and live positively

Cath's Story

Follow Cath's Journey as she recovers from a stroke and learns how to manage on Warfarin. Share in her ups and downs. A down-to-earth, real life journey!

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Diet + Warfarin

What can I eat while I am on Warfarin?

What foods interact with Warfarin?

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Your Questions Answered

Everything you need to know about Warfarin explained in straightforward, everyday language!

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Books by Cath

A series of easy to read guides to living with Warfarin - all written from a patient's perspective.

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Latest news + articles

5 steps to getting healthy when on Warfarin

  New Year, New Me, here are my 5 steps get healthy when on Warfarin.  After a month of calming down from the festive madness that we seem to get ourselves in each year (or is that just me?) The end of January usually brings time to take stock and look at what works...


INR Test Strips made by Roche under the Coaguchek brand have issued an URGENT SAFETY NOTICE.  It has been found that the test strips have been giving false INR readings.   Are you affected by this notice?  Are you, like me, self-testing at home?  Does your doctor’s...

Mushroom and Spinach Omlette Muffins by Kate Harrison

A high vitamin K and protein recipe that helps me reduce my INR through foods.  Small enough to eat as a snack or great with a salad for extra vitamin K.  I love this for days that I my INR is high or if I can't get my amount of vitamin K or protein in my day.  Easy...

Inspiring stories

Read about the experiences of fellow Warfarin users...........or be an inspiration to others by sharing your story

Other useful information

Forms + Tools

A handy range of forms and templates to help you manage your Warfarin therapy

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A selection of audio and video downloads to support and encourage you in your recovery

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BloodWATCH™ System

Our unique system to help you understand about Warfarin and its associated risks

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Useful links to related websites and further sources of information

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