Have you just started on Warfarin?


Are you struggling to make sense of the information you have been given?


Been on Warfarin for a while but still have many questions you would like answered?


Are you caring for someone who takes Warfarin and would like to know more?


Have you found it hard to find straightforward, easy to understand information about Warfarin?


Answered, YES, to any of these questions?  Then this series of warfarin books by Cath Atkin has been written for you.

These simple, and quick to read, guides have been written from a patient’s perspective.  They combine just the right level of information with an interesting insight into Cath’s journey, after being prescribed Warfarin.


An easy to follow guide from a patient's perspective

Author:   Cath Atkin

Format:   Paperback (74 pages)

Ebook available:   YesBuy-from-Amazon

A straightforward guide covering the basics facts about Warfarin in an easy to understand format. Simple explanations talk you through how Warfarin works and what you can expect if you have been prescribed this drug.

Cath presents this information from the viewpoint of a patient. She brings the facts to life by telling the story of the circumstances which led to her being prescribed Warfarin and what being on this medication has meant for her.

This book is the ideal reference for anyone who wants to know more about Warfarin.  It covers a wide range of topics including,

  • Why Warfarin is prescribed
  • How your Warfarin therapy will be managed
  • Your INR and blood testing
  • Vitamin K and other Warfarin interactions
  • Introduction to the BloodWATCH System devised by Cath which helps the reader quickly identify what factors can increase the risk of bleeding or clotting for Warfarin users.

and much more…..



Now available


and the effects of Vitamin K and Protein

Author:   Cath Atkin

Format:   Paperback (158 pages)

Ebook available:   Yes

This easy to understand guide has been written from a patient’s viewpoint and combines just the right level of information with an interesting insight into the author’s own journey.

Key topics covered include,

  • Vitamin K and Warfarin
  • Protein and Warfarin
  • Diet and Warfarin
  • Sample Recipes

Also in this book,

  • Comprehensive tables containing the Vitamin K and Protein content of common foods and ingredients
  • High to Low and A to Z tables

This book is the ideal reference for anyone wanting straightforward facts about Vitamin K and Protein intake while taking Warfarin.



More warfarin books coming soon!