I am a Primary APS sufferer with mostly arterial clotting and I have to inject Clexane twice daily. I am 50 years old now and was diagnosed at 47.

I have had 5 pulmonary emboli and a clot in the sub clavian artery. I then had a major clotting episode, whilst injecting Tinzaparin, which caused 14 arterial clots. This resulted in a week in Intensive Care, followed by a further 2 weeks in hospital.

I work full time and have a family which consists of my husband, a 16 year old step-daughter and a 13 year old step-son with Aspergers. Alongside this we have our Pug, an African Grey Parrot and a Parrotlet! All meaning that life is very busy for us, and having to push through pain and ill health is a daily occurrence.

But, in spite of everything, I consider myself to be the lucky one. I have an amazing family, beautiful children and I am grateful for every extra day.