How to Take A Nap

How many times have you been so tired during the day you wished you could take a Nap?  Do you work through it or do you give in and grab a snooze?  There are many forms of napping.  This article shows that you can learn ways to nap that benefit you and probably increase your energy levels.

So often taking a short sleep is frowned upon, a sign of weakness.  I use to nap often when I was recovering from my Stroke.  This strategy, I felt, was key to me having longer times of increased energy and a quicker recovery time.  I didn’t realise that the length of nap would provide different benefits.  On reflection, in my recovery I used a few of these different strategies.  Listening to my body's needs rather than my expectations gave me permission to grab a nap, whenever I felt like it.

The Sleep Judge, explains what happens in sleep and the benefits of good sleep.  This Includes the length of nap to take and how this helps your overall health and performance.


Take A Nap

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