The gloves are off…..!!!

Jun 10, 2015

gloves on sticks

At last! Summer may actually be reaching us.  I can’t believe it is the middle of June and this is the first day that I didn’t wear my gloves in the morning when walking the dog.  It’s been a combination of the strange cold weather we have been having this year and me being on warfarin.  I think my hat and gloves are the most important part of my wardrobe.  I won’t leave home without them!


warfarin and cold handsI never used to have this problem. I used to be an outdoor instructor, working outside in all weathers year-round, and I never had a problem with the cold.  Now?  Wow, it’s such a different story.  I don’t think I have really been warm this year yet.  I seem to get extremely cold and then take such a long time warming up.  I’ve never had my heating as high.  I have also worn thermals for most of the winter.  I used to only wear these when I was doing winter sports or working outside all the time.  Now I wear them to go into town, to walk the dog, in the house…  yikes!


Roll on the summer… and then…

I’m not great with heat either, hahahaha.

Yup, I have never liked it too hot. So, before taking Warfarin, my ideal holiday would probably have been to Alaska but now I think it’s a comfortable cave where there is no change in temperature, year round. Not too hot, not too cold. Happy days.