It’s arrived, woohoo!

Jun 29, 2015

I believe that ‘unboxing’ of new products is a bit of a thing nowadays and there are so many videos out there which show people doing just that. Just as well I didn’t video myself, what a mess!  My new Fitbit Charge HR has just arrived! And it’s not the easiest to get out of the box.  I didn’t see that on the reviews. ‘Great product – nightmare to open’ haha! Or perhaps it’s just my lack of patience.  Why don’t boxes open quickly enough?

fitbit charge hr

So…why a Fitbit when I have always used a Jawbone? I have had an UP by Jawbone fitness band for a couple of years now. I have used it to log my sleep patterns (which my new Fitbit will only provide a basic report of unfortunately), the steps I have taken, the food and water I have consumed and, most importantly, as an alarm for taking my pills.  Well, it stopped working recently so it was time to get a replacement.  I waited until the new UP3 by Jawbone was released to give me time to review which band to go for.

I am not sure yet if I have chosen the right one for me but will give it a go and let you know my progress. I’m not a hard core fitness fanatic or even a soft core fitness fanatic. Actually I am not even a basic fitness non-fanatic!  I just like recording my progress and comparing how I have done with my food, walking, activities and sleep.  For me it’s not really a fitness band but more a holistic health band with an alarm function that I was looking for!  This one records my heart rate continuously (which the Jawbone only did once a day).  Measuring the heart rate continuously apparently helps to work out exercise plans (or snooze plans hopefully ha!)

I will let you know how I get on and if anyone wants to link with my band then let’s join up.