Stroke Rehab Review

Jun 11, 2014

I was back today to see the lovely stroke nurses and physio’s at Stroke Rehab for a review of how I am doing. Nowadays I feel like a bit of a fraud walking into the cardiac rehab unit.  I have no problems with walking or conversations now.  My sense of humour is starting to come out a bit more.  So, as far as I’m concerned, I’m pretty much back to full health.

I had a go on all the machines. Then we discussed that my main issues had been with communication but I have been working on this with the psychologist and through doing mindfulness meditation.  I have also been working on balancing my energies.  The physio had given me a book which showed the Fatigue Model (which is heart related) as this has been my biggest problem.  I must remember to go over this in one of my training videos or blogs!  Oh yeh, memory could be better too haha!

I’m hoping the sort of information I am putting down in this blog is helpful and will perhaps let other people see the journey I have been on and the timescales for appointments or recovery. If not, then please have a laugh and go about your daily grind.


Back to my rehab review. After the results from all the tasks and using the equipment, like the walking machine and bicycle, had been pulled together it showed that I have had a really good level of improvement.  As I said, it wasn’t really my fitness that was the biggest issue but the fatigue which I now feel I am balancing better and staying awake more.  I shared with the nurses that now if I feel like a nap then I am quite happy to take one.  I don’t need anyone’s permission and I don’t need to struggle through anything.  It’s about balancing my energies.

Discharged. Sorry, I think that should be a big stamp like in the movies.  But that’s what has been agreed that I am discharged from the care of the stroke services but if I ever need anything then to let them know.