Gotta lose this weight

Jun 4, 2014

Right I have decided enough is enough. Time to get some weight off.

Gotta lose weight




The photo of shame!






There has to be a way to get the weight off.   It’s not as easy though being on Warfarin. Normally I would have fresh salads in summer time but currently I’m struggling to keep my INR high enough so I can’t eat a lot of salad.  I have been careful in weighing the green veg on my plate so perhaps it’s the processed foods that are the problem.

In the past I would have just stepped up my physical activities but I don’t have the energy to do this now. I’m still knackered.  It’s probably not as bad as it used to be.  I still go for naps but I’m not asleep most of the day.  I just try and make sure I get periods of rest, early bed and time to meditate or read books.

I have spoken to a guy who is a nutritionist and we talked about how I need to be careful of the amount of vitamin K I have because of the effect on the warfarin. So I was more than happy to try out his approach to losing the weight.  It was special shakes from America and nutrition bars.  The plan was to have two shakes a day, two bars and a basic meal.  Sounds easy enough but when I spoke to the doc he wasn’t happy with me doing shakes.  He said absolutely no way when on warfarin.

I thought I could use a similar idea but make food myself which would clean my system in the way the shakes were meant to. I have looked at the Paleo approach because it is back to basics with no processed food and also builds in the exercise and meditation.  It might also deal with problems with the immune system so fingers crossed it may help with the APS being an auto immune disorder.

Okay, I’m on it. My INR is at 3.3 and I’m on 12mg a day so it seems to be settled. I’ve set up a Pinterest folder and will add photos of my meals.  I’m also recording them on My Fitness Pal which links to my UP by Jawbone wristband.  Let’s hope for a new me!!!