INR, vitamin K, weight, diet, aaaghh!

Jun 13, 2014

I had my bloods taken a couple of days ago for my regular INR check. Now that I am within my therapeutic range, and the doctors are happy with everything, I normally only get my bloods checked about once every 6 weeks.  I can remember last year having to get them done every day.  Wow! That was a slog going back and forward to the docs every day for blood tests.  I’m grateful I don’t have to keep doing that any longer.

So, the last time I had my bloods done was 30th May and it was 3.3 so I was hoping there wouldn’t be too much change.  I have been on my new Paleo diet for two weeks now and I’m weighing all the green veg I eat to make sure I’m taking a consistent amount of vitamin K.  I’ve put photos of some of the things I’m eating in my Pinterest folder so that I can map it all out and I have a visual representation of quantities.

I’m enjoying the paleo approach. I’m not a great fan of refined carbohydrates anyway so it feels better to me.  I have to make sure I don’t eat anything processed but because I am on warfarin I also have to be careful of the amount of Vitamin K I take.  I don’t want my INR going down again.


That was the result today. A bit of a jump from 3.3 and I really didn’t think I was taking too much green veg or food with vitamin K.  2.6 is still just within my therapeutic range of between 2.5 and 3.5 so it’s not bad but I will need to keep an eye on it. I don’t want to cut out greens, I should be able to eat them as long as I keep consistency.  Oh, I now wonder why I ever thought it was difficult to lose weight before I was on Warfarin.  It wasn’t.  I used to just eat much more healthily or do more exercise and it was easy.Green vegetable heart

Now I am having to weigh things. And not only do I have to stay away from the chocolate isle at the supermarket but I also have to steer clear of the green isle too!!  Not much fun L and to top it off, I’m putting weight on instead of losing it!

Okay I’m going to increase the target on my UP Band for the steps walked each day. Maybe that will work.  Because if this carries on I am going to need a bus to get me anywhere – okay not a huge bus (yet!)

Ha! I can start telling myself my little lies – perhaps you’ve used the same one? I am heavier because it’s all starting to turn into muscle and muscle is heavier than fat so that’s why I’m putting weight on.  Haha! Sound familiar? Okay note to self – stop lying…