Missing Blogs

Mar 15, 2018

Missing Blogs

Where are all my missing blogs for the last year and a half? It looks like I have fallen off the planet for 18 months.  Did you think I had disappeared?  No such luck.  I am continuing to not only survive but thrive.

Within the last 18 months, I have had many missed opportunities to blog.  I was set a challenge!  I had to complete a build within the timescale.  Having never built anything before apart from a sandcastle, this was going to be a challenge.  Luckily I had the best of support from someone amazing who knew exactly what was required.  Unfortunately I have some missing blogs

Taking on something extra to your normal workload may require some adjusting.  My luck was that it was a project with a start and end date.  Therefore I was able to manage knowing it was temporary.  Had it been without an end date, I am not sure how I could maintain the pressures of juggling.  For the timescale, something had to give.  What would be your something?  Mine was housework and unfortunately my blog.  Blogging takes a lot of time to get it written and uploaded on the site.  Therefore it took too much brain power and energy at a time I was busy.

What a shame, there were so many missed opportunities to blog.   Given I was on a building site, the missing blogs could have included:

  • Site safety and your health,
  • Health awareness of workers on site,
  • Injury when on Warfarin,
  • Health ID of site workers,
  • Managing the cold temperatures and warfarin,
  • Maintaining a consistent diet in changing environment – or in my case not!
  • Construction workers and their intake level of protein,
  • Bruising on warfarin
  • Managing my energy levels on and off site,
  • Managing my state

What do I mean by managing my state?

 As I mentioned above, when taking on additional work can be a juggling act.  Sometimes, something has to give. Managing your state is another means of getting through the day.  On site, my thoughts could have been focussed on:

  • Being negative,
  • I could have complained about being tired or cold,
  • Being confused with the amount of jobs I had to manage in my head,
  • Feeling frustrated that all my normal jobs were not being completed.

In managing my state, I was able to keep my thinking off the negative and change it to a positive.  Awareness that our minds cannot think a negative when they think a positive and visa versa.  So how could I change my thinking?  Flip it!

Flip It, is a technique I use when I catch myself having thoughts which bring on negative feelings.  As an amazing lady I once knew, used to call it ‘stinking thinking’.

Firstly you must have an awareness that you are ‘stinking thinking’.  Otherwise you will continue to have negative thoughts and feelings, which merely serve to add to illness.

Once you have an awareness of this behaviour, find the opposite feeling or thought.  If that does not work find a positive reason for having the thought or feeling in the first inst.

In turn this changed my thinking to:

  • Think that it is temporary work only, so it is manageable,
  • Reminding myself, it was my choice to take the project on.
  • Celebrate the fact that I have the support of one of the most skilled people in that industry holding my hand and doing many of the jobs,
  • Utilise a hot flush more when I get it next to heat my body up all the way down to my feet!
  • Accept that my house may not get tidied on time – and that’s okay!
  • Accept that I won’t get my blogs completed – and that’s okay!

Changing my thinking really helps me manage my energies

You will understand that managing your energies is important to your recovery and continuing health.  Thoughts can so often drain our energies.  As can other people!  Can you imagine how much energy it takes to be angry with someone?  Or how much energy it takes to be angry at the situation you are in?  How amazing could it be to Flip these thoughts and change your approach? This is what I did.  This is how I got through the last 18 months without a period of unease.  I have a blood disorder which at times makes me feel like I am exhausted.  I didn’t even need a period of rest in the last 18 months.  My blogs did not get done so hence the Missing Blogs and neither did much of my housework.  However, I got through it and I hope you will appreciate the reasons for my absence.

If anyone wishes for me to work through any of the missing blogs subjects, just let me know.  The detail may be missed slightly because I am working from memory but I am happy to add these if required.