Warfarin and Vitamin K: New Book Out Now

My new book ‘Warfarin and the effects of Vitamin K and Protein’ is now available.

Warfarin Vitamin K Protein Book

The eagerly anticipated next chapter in my journey as a warfarin user is out now. In this new book I explore Warfarin and Vitamin K interactions and the effect of high protein diets on INR.  It looks at the issues I had in trying to find a diet suitable for someone who is taking Warfarin.  I tell you what has worked for me and show that you can manage your warfarin and Vitamin K intake and still maintain a stable INR.

The book contains a number of food tables to help you monitor your food intake. Simple to understand tables provide you with the Vitamin K and Protein content of common foods. And for those of you who are on a diet, fat and calorie content have been included too!


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I hope you enjoy the book and find it to be a helpful companion in keeping your INR stable.

I would love to get any feedback you have, or to hear how you have overcome similar issues, so please comment.