INR 4.0

Just had my INR results back. In fact they phoned me!  Wondered if the alarms had gone off or something.  Usually I have to call in a couple of days for my results.  Getting a call the next day can get a woman all worried!

Dealing with a High INR

So, I had my bloods taken yesterday after the last reading being 4.0.  Which is high on my Therapeutic Range of 2.5 to 3.5 but 4.0 doesn’t worry me.  The doctor said to drop one dose and then start again.

An alternative way to reduce your INR

This is when I said to doctors to let me reduce it through food rather than stopping a dose.  I have done this numerous times.  Taking extra broccoli, I love raw broccoli.  Extra cabbage at mealtimes, extra protein.  It all helps to reduce my INR.  Well, that would work if one’s brain wasn’t so full to not remember and take extra greens!  Dozy me! I forgot, after successfully arguing my case to let me work it through foods to not remember.

… and the result being the phone call telling me my INR has increased to 4.3.

INR 4.3

Stopping your warfarin…for 1 dose

Being in no place now to argue the case that food can bring down my INR, they have told me to stop a dose for 1 night.  Given I have already taken my dose tonight, it will have to be tomorrow.  Okay so I suppose I will get to see how quickly my INR comes down if I stop one dose then go back to taking the usual 16mg.    #Warfarin1st

I remember when I started out on Warfarin how scared a change in dose would make me feel.  I understand the drug more now to know it is in my system and I no longer need to panic.

What methods has your GP used to manage your INR?