3 Quick Tips from Cath

warfarin and phTIP 1 – Watch Your pH.

Warfarin is an acidic medication so you should aim to include plenty of alkaline forming food and drinks in your diet to balance your pH. Alkaline forming foods are things that we eat which will cause our cells to produce alkaline in the blood stream.  Some of the foods that fall into this category may surprise you as they include items that we think of as naturally acidic such as oranges, lemons and apple cider vinegar.    Most vegetables, fruits and herbs are alkaline forming.  Best to drink are alkaline ionised water and herbal teas but NOT milk!


TIP 2 – Write Everything Down

Keep a detailed record of the information relating to your Warfarin therapy. This should include INR results, dates of blood tests, dosage changes and changes to diet or other medication.  You will find it invaluable to have all this information to hand when discussing your treatment with your doctor or haematologist.  Take a look at the Warfarin Treatment + INR Record which is available on the Forms + Tools section of our Resources page.  It is designed to record all this information and has plenty of space for you to make your own notes too.


Alarm ClockTIP 3 – Set a Reminder

If you have a poor memory and run the risk of forgetting to take your medication, set yourself a reminder. I use an UP by Jawbone wristband which notifies me when my Warfarin dose is due by vibrating and sending a message to my smartphone.  UP is not just an alarm though, it does so much more.  It is a system that helps you understand how you sleep, eat and move so that you can make choices to live better.