Oh dear, my head seems to be on overdrive at the moment. I keep getting really dramatic thoughts! I called my mentor, Martin, to see if I could have a session with him to try and address this.  I explained that it’s really weird but everything I think about has a dramatic and undesirable outcome.  I want to change my thinking?  It just feels all-consuming and tiring and weird.

Martin completely understood what I was trying to say and explained where the thoughts would be coming from. He said it was all part of my recovery journey.  A bit of a battle between the conscious and unconscious mind.  He talked me through some ways of working with my thinking to tone it down and calm the dramatic thoughts.  So let’s see how it goes.

Wow, it’s so easy to see how someone could manifest compulsive behaviours just from thoughts. Well I have no need to go down that route, thank you very much.  I really don’t need thoughts like that.

Martin has given me some ideas for meditation and a few others things to work on. More homework haha!