Who says Friday 13th is unlucky?  Well, I was born on Friday 13th and I think it was the luckiest day ever (other people’s opinions may differ, chuckle).  So you can probably understand why I don’t get hung up on superstitious things.

So, phoning on Friday 13th to set up insurance for my forthcoming holiday should not be too much of an issue.  For a start, there are very few companies who insure people with APS.  The last insurance I got cost over £300 for 1 week (and no you can’t get yearly insurance because no-one will insure you for that length of time – you must get insured separately for each holiday).  Well thankfully I’m not plane hopping much these days or I would be cheaper buying my own plane!  Eh, nowhere to park it though so that’s a bad idea.

Imagine my delight when the lady came back with the quote and said ‘£75, is that okay?’ Wh, wh, what? Really?  How come the difference?  Apparently I am now easier to insure because it’s been two years since I gave up smoking and two years since I had a stroke.   Bonus! Let’s party… Ah no I can’t. I can’t drink that much now and no point partying on two glasses of wine!

Oh and do I want the flight cancellation option with all the bells and whistles on top of that? How much?  £10 extra?  Of course I do, what’s £10 when I’m saving ¾ of the cost of last years’ insurance.  Woohoo!