My psychology assessment showed that I had damaged two areas of my brain – the two areas I use a lot – processing and problem solving. Both of these areas are a bit delayed now in comparison to the other skills.  If there were two areas I would always have said I was strong in, it would be these two.

During my session we discussed the idea of doing meditation. Having done a bit of meditation on and off over the years I was really interested in seeing how this could help me.  In the UK, the NHS recognises Mindfulness meditation as a tool for patients for their recovery.  So I managed to get my name forward for the next group.  I have my first meeting today.

The meeting is just a case of the psychologist who is taking the course finding out more about me and my suitability for doing the course. Apparently it’s an 8 week course, where the group work with the psychologists work through the Mindfulness book with CD’s by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.

Looking forward to it.