I always wondered what it was like having a two week holiday. I’ve only ever managed 10 days max because I’m always so busy. So did I chill out? Was it all party time? Eh, NO!

Apparently it was a stroke. That was after staying in a ‘wellness room’ at the hotel. Wellness!!!!! Can you believe it? I had a stroke after staying in a wellness room – go figure!

Okay so it’s going to have to be cliff notes and it goes something like this:

Woke up first day of holiday all excited. Explore ‘wellness’ items to see what classes this room as a wellness room. Find water filter, magnets in bed, vibraxis machine, lots of nice skin products. Okay so let’s try some out…

Jump on vibraxis machine/shake my bits around and have a laugh/get bored with said shakey machine and go for a shower…

Just as I am rinsing my hair. Woah… I almost fainted. A sound like a crinkling crisp bag went off in my head. My arm’s gone dead - as in useless. Weird! But eventually I get out the shower and sit down until it passes.

No point waffling on but let’s just say, I felt like a spent rag, knackered. No use to anyone and nae fun.  That was my day and the evening didn’t fair any better either.  Eventually I phoned the hotel Doc.  Crickey, he made me do all these arm tests, even look at him and smile! Couldn’t be bothered!

Next thing I know I’m being taken off in an ambulance, off to hospital. He thinks I’ve had a stroke. Eh? A stroke?  I’m not old enough for one of them.  Actually I really don’t care.  I’m too knackered was what I was thinking.




How posh am I? They even gave me a room with a balcony at the hospital.  Sarah took it over as her office to sort everyone out. This was her ‘I’m dealing with the insurance face’

So a week in hospital and then back to the hotel. My friend Sarah’s got everything all sorted with everyone, from insurance, to family, to doctors to the hotel.  So I’m not allowed to fly back home yet, apparently I have to wait another week.  Then I get a nurse to take me home! Why? Don’t they trust me? Will it be that bad?  Hey who cares I’m still knackered, that’s all I know.





So what happens with repatriation is, the insurance fly a nurse out the day before. They get a day off after their flight.  She met me and took blood pressure etc, and talked me through the process.  Then we didn’t see her again until we were nearly ready to go home.  She takes myself and friend to the airport, we’re going first class!

Nursey checks my vital signs on occasion throughout the flight. Not sure what happened but I fainted right in the middle of lunch! The rest of the flight was fine. Then we met an escort who drove us back up the road.  Nursey took my vitals again when she dropped me off and got a lift with the escort to the nearest airport. Wow!  That’s why you make sure you get good insurance!