Supporting Warfarin Users to eat healthily and live positively

Cath's Story

Follow Cath's Journey as she recovers from a stroke and learns how to manage on Warfarin. Share in her ups and downs. A down-to-earth, real life journey!

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Diet + Warfarin

What can I eat while I am on Warfarin?

What foods interact with Warfarin?

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Your Questions Answered

Everything you need to know about Warfarin explained in straightforward, everyday language!

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Books by Cath

A series of easy to read guides to living with Warfarin - all written from a patient's perspective.

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Latest news + articles

Breaking News: Heart Attacks and Strokes are linked to Stress

17 January 2017 -   It may seem like stating the obvious that there is a link between stress and heart attack or strokes.  However, the reason for this has remained a mystery - until now! New research, published in The Lancet, suggests a group of scientists have...

Warfarin and Vitamin K: New Book Out Now

My new book ‘Warfarin and the effects of Vitamin K and Protein’ is now available. The eagerly anticipated next chapter in my journey as a warfarin user is out now. In this new book I explore Warfarin and Vitamin K interactions and the effect of high protein diets on...

Pioneering new treatment of acute stroke patients

8 September 2016 -   A pioneering new treatment of acute stroke patients is being trialed around the world.  People are being treated with a high tech 'cooling' bodysuit as part of their early stage treatment after suffering a stroke.  The suit is being used alongside...

Inspiring stories

Read about the experiences of fellow Warfarin users...........or be an inspiration to others by sharing your story

Other useful information

Forms + Tools

A handy range of forms and templates to help you manage your Warfarin therapy

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A selection of audio and video downloads to support and encourage you in your recovery

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BloodWATCH™ System

Our unique system to help you understand about Warfarin and its associated risks

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Useful links to related websites and further sources of information

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