Warfarin Interactions

When taking Warfarin, it is not just your diet that you need to be mindful of. It is vital that you are also aware of some of the other things that can have an impact on your warfarin therapy. Many medications have been shown to interact with Warfarin and change how it performs. Similarly, factors affecting your health and well being can also have an effect on the stability of your warfarin therapy.

Grapefruit and Warfarin Interaction

Grapefruit and Warfarin Interaction

Grapefruit and Warfarin Interaction Many foods react with Warfarin (Coumadin®), here I will explain about the Grapefruit and Warfarin interaction.  Grapefruit is one food that has significant interaction with Warfarin.  As a matter of fact it interacts with many...

Alcohol Bloodwatch Up

Alcohol Can I drink alcohol while taking warfarin? - a very common question!   It is generally accepted that drinking large amounts of alcohol can increase the effect of warfarin.   For this reason warfarin patients should avoid excessive alcohol intake and...