Too many treats???

Sep 18, 2015

150918 Crisps

Well my INR has dropped a bit. I’ve gone from 3.0, at my last check, to 1.9.  I have been travelling a lot and I do find it harder to keep to my usual diet… and find myself having little treats now and then. Well, I’m away from home!  It’s like being on little holidays.

Okay, so I’m falling off the bandwagon a little. Doing this 5:2 Intermittent Fasting allows me to treat myself occasionally.  As long as I don’t eat too many of the 3000 calories I saved on my fast days, a little treat is okay.  It looks like my INR is telling me that I have had too many treats, or maybe too many changes!

Well, I can beat myself up about it, or I can just accept that I should get back to focusing on what I’m eating. I know some people get fed up having to get their INR taken regularly, but I don’t mind it.  It’s almost like a monitor to tell me how my diet is doing.  It gives me a push to keep on top of things.  Anyway, there’s no point in beating myself up about it.  I have being enjoyed myself too much, or have just slipped up somewhere, so I just need to get back on track.  It’s a journey after all…