off on holiday plane

That’s me all ready for jetting off on holiday tomorrow. Back to see everyone at the Fortina Spa resort.  They helped me so much when I had the stroke while staying there.  They know us so well now that we are almost family.

It all started off years ago when a few of us would go and drink champagne and cocktails, have lots of pampering and therapies and generally relax. Now?  There are only two of us go - neither of us can drink due to medication, both of us have to choose our therapies carefully due to health issues and the airport alarms invariably get set off by the amount of medication we both take with us!

It’s almost a case of…

Remember the days when pills were recreational? Now they keep us alive!

The holidays have gone from being like something out of Sex and The City to more of a Carry On film.


I’m all packed – go me for being so organised because this rarely happens. The only thing I had left to do was to phone and get my INR result from the docs.   I had bloods taken a couple of days ago.  I had been getting a sore stomach and was really tired.  I had put it down to working flat out but thought I should maybe get my INR checked out.  The result?  1.7

I have been really busy over the last 4 weeks, and been doing much more physical work than I normally do. I obviously haven’t kept a close eye on what I have been eating for my INR to have gone down so much.

The doc upped my dose to 14 and 15mg of Warfarin on alternate days. But my worries are getting on a plane in the morning with my INR so low.  Also, what do I do if I need to increase my INR on holiday - I can’t self-dose.  So I phoned my doc and asked if I could take a Fragmin injection before the flight just so I know I am okay to travel and then depending on whether the increase in warfarin starts working the following day I can decide whether to take another injection or not.  No problem.  He was quite happy with what I was doing and my ability to manage this and said I could take the injections with me.

Happy days – it’s off to the sun we go…