Meditation and Interrupting the pattern…

Aug 28, 2015

I’ve got a couple of friends staying with me – one from up north and one from down south. We decided that, given we were all into meditation and alternative healing, we would visit the nearby Buddhist temple.  The temple is not far from where I stay so I have been there quite often to recharge my meditation.  I’m not Buddhist, and I’m not religious, but I am drawn to this place from time to time.

I love walking around the grounds and taking time to look, think or just sit. It’s so peaceful and there is a great energy about the place.  I just go and take it all in – I see it as recharging my batteries.  And this time, we went for an overnight stay!

We joined in with some of the prayers in the temple, using this to get into a calm, meditative state. I wish they wouldn’t use the cymbals and singing bowls.  Or, at least, give me a warning!  Nearly bloody jumped out of my skin!!!

I have found that using meditation and mindfulness, both of which are promoted and taught at the Samye Ling temple, have been among the most useful techniques I have used to help me recover. It has helped me to deal with panic attacks and I take more time to listen to, and understand, what my body is saying now.  I suppose going to the Samye Ling temple breaks my everyday flow too and allows me to reconnect with myself and what I want.  It’s a bit like going on holiday, or going fishing.  Changing the normal state of mind, or interrupting the pattern of normal everyday life.  Does that make sense?