Train or car? train or car? train or car?… Train

Aug 17, 2015

Here I am, not long back from London, and now I need to go to Glasgow. In my last post about going to London I mentioned that my confidence really seems to have taken a battering.  I used to think nothing of driving for miles in the car.  But now I refuse to drive 1.5 hours up the road… just in case!  Just in case of what?  I can’t even answer that.  My mind must be playing some weird tricks because I’m really scared of driving that distance on my own.  Back to the train again then!  Maybe I should look at other modes of transport to jazz things up a bit and give me more excuses not to use the car?  Okay, I know it’s more environmentally friendly to use public transport, but I really do need to do something about my driving confidence.

train or car