Travelling after a stroke

Aug 11, 2015

travelling after a stroke

Yay! Back on the train to London again.  I'm off to meet with Kate Hindle, manager of the Hughes Syndrome Foundation.

Travelling after a stroke has been challenging. I am starting to feel much more comfortable about travelling again.  Jumping on the train is great as I can be in London in 4 hours.  I used to love any kind of travelling.  I enjoyed getting in the car and driving for hours, or jumping on a plane.  Having had the stroke, my confidence has certainly taken a dent when it comes to travelling.

It’s a bit weird though because I should be at much less risk of DVT’s now that I am on Warfarin. I still make sure though that I get up occasionally and walk around, or move my feet and legs to keep things mobile.  Remembering my first trip back to London, my first experience of travelling after a stroke. I was still panicking and frightened at every point of the journey.  Friends came with me the first few times I had to travel to help me get some confidence.  It is so bizarre looking back on it now.  I can’t believe the difference between how I used to be and my lack of confidence following the stroke.  Now I getting my confidence back again.  It’s all a journey and I’m getting back on my feet properly now.

I’ve got a couple of meetings when I’m down this time. One is with the manager of the Hughes Syndrome Foundation, Kate Hindle.  I’m really looking forward to meeting with her and hearing what the charity is up to and how I can be involved in the future.  If I can bring about more awareness of Antiphospholipid Syndrome (Hughes Syndrome) when writing my books, or posting on the website, that’s great.  Hopefully I can make a difference to someone’s life.

Maybe that is you…

I know that everyone on Warfarin has different health issues but for anyone interested in learning more about Hughes Syndrome and blood clotting, visit