INR Update

Aug 7, 2015

Yet another INR result to put in my INR Record. Sometimes it seems like it’s a pain going back and forward to get checked.  I know other people on Warfarin have a real dislike for having to continually get checked.  I can imagine it could be a pain, especially if your INR is stable all the time.  But then, it is only about 6 weekly if you are stable, so what’s the big deal?  I think I would have more of an issue if the doctors weren’t keeping an eye on my bloods.

There are the newer medicines coming on the market which apparently don’t require you to have continual checks. These are also less affected by foods, unlike Warfarin which seems to be affected by so many things.  So I can imagine that being on one of these newer medications would give you more choices and, you may say, a better quality of life if you don’t have to keep a careful eye on everything you do.

However my journey, which has led me to understanding so much about warfarin, has also made me look at so many other aspects of my life. Everything I do, eat, touch, drink or think can have an effect on my health and welfare.  I have enjoyed delving into how I can improve my health and in doing so I have really had my eyes opened.  I now have a greater understanding of what I want and how I want to be.  Learning about Warfarin and foods has led me to working out the best diet for me.  It has helped me to lose a good amount of weight and lets me see that losing the remainder will be achievable.  It has given me the confidence to know what I can eat, or what I would prefer to substitute, to keep my INR stable.

You may not wish to look into warfarin and diet to the extent I have, and that’s okay. Many people who are on warfarin find it easy to achieve a stable INR.  I have a blood disorder called Antiphospholipid Syndrome and, from what I can tell, it seems that people with this find it harder to keep a stable INR.  So mine is at 3.0 this visit.  Bang in the middle of my Therapeutic Range.  This is where I feel great.  My aim is to keep my bloods at the middle to top end of my range (2.5 to 3.5) because otherwise I begin to feel ill.  Many people won’t feel unwell if their INR is low, it will just place them at a greater risk of a clotting event.  Also, not everyone with APS is aware of changes in their INR but I know I get really horrible side effects from a lower INR.  So it is in my best interest to stay healthy and stay well.

I will add this new entry to my Warfarin Treatment and INR Record overview. If you want somewhere to record your INR results, take a look at the forms on this website, which you can download and print off or use on your computer.  It makes life easier having all your INR and dosage information in one place.inr record